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Marine worker

Very useful in all areas of work and play.

Useful app

It is a very useful app indeed. It has great visualization. Speed control is great. 3d rotation is interesting though was not necessary. Having said that these cool features alone must NOT be used to rate this app. This app MUST NOT be used as the only textbook on knots. Serious flaw of the app is, it does not show final tightening, dressing and the way the knot must look like after applying the load. We know that proper tightening and dressing of the knot seriously affects its reliability especially when rapid load may be applied to undressed and untightened knots. But still I find the app useful refresher course for those who know what they are doing. I especially like the Favorites feature. Another feature that would make it more useful is to list efficiency percentages for knots and to be able to sort knots by efficiency. Thank you!

Excellent app

Ive wanted an easy to use guide for knot tying and this is it. Excellent presentation with 3D diagrams. Highly recommend!

Best knots app Ive found

Not much else to say. It has everything youll need.



Great App

Love this app for learning new knots and teaching Boy Scouts. The ability to view the knot from all sides is amazing!!

Very reliable app

I like this app very much as it contains various kinds of knots and shows very simple ways of tying knots to understand me. Super!

Excellent Resource

Better than most books. Speaking from the perspective of climbing knots, you have to get into the absolutely esoteric before needing to go beyond the resource.

How-To + Encyclopedia

Ive never studied knots or needed to now how to use them, but this all-in-one guide makes me feel like I could master all of them. Not only is there an adjustable-speed video illustration of the knot being tied, you can proceed through the animation one step at a time. Explanations are also included for each knot in terms of why and when theyre useful--which is potentially the biggest help to me (someone who knows nothing about knots other than "I guess sailors use them?"). There are five color schemes to choose from in terms of text/background/icon etc.; Id prefer to create my own, but that would just be a luxury preference and certainly doesnt diminish the usefulness of this compilation when compared to doing a web search to find a knot.

Really practical!!!

Very useful. Please continue adding more kinds of knots!


Very useful for all kinds of knots

Excellent learning tool

Recommend adding Munter Mule knot.

Perfect, Great

A knot for every occasion.

3D Knots

3D Knots is my absolutely go-to app. I do a lot of crafting and needlework. Be honest with you, I would be lost without it. Ive recommended to quite of my crafting buddies.

One of my favorites

I have downloaded hundreds of apps and deleted most of them. This one is fantastic and one of my all time favorites. It is a great visualization tool for the mind and extremely useful for learning the art of knot tying. Way better than useless time spent on games. A must have app in my book.

What every sailor, fishermen, and Scout needs!

What a fantastic app. So many uses. Just referenced it for knots used in the construction of a new ham radio dipole antenna.

Best knot app

Love it. Have used it many times on the job to find the right knot for the right application. Really appreciate the context and history given for most of the knots, as well as selected applications and suggested uses. An absolute must for Stagehands starting out.

Does what it promises, superbly

Well organized, beautifully detailed with control over speed of dynamic 3D demonstration. The author keeps adding new knots. All knots with discussion of origins and function. Too bad all apps arent as well conceived!


This app is AWESOME.........

Real good app!

This is the most useful app Ive used! Anyone can tie great knots with this app, fishing, camping, tying down loads, etc. developers.....thank you!

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