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Top!! So easy

Difficult to learn from

The app is good for showing the knot, but does not show how the knot is tied. The virtual rope simply grows from one end in a way that real rope does not.

Simple and easy to use!

Well done, easy to use !!


This app is so useful i use it any were no wifi needed I can use it in camping thanks a lot.

An app knot geeks!

Ive been a knot geek since I was Scout, and this is a great app for novice as well as skilled knot masters. One of the problems with knot books has always been the clarity of the illustrations. This app trumps all of those, providing beautiful 3D animations that clearly show the construction of each knot. Even better, you can scroll the animations back and forth, stopping along the way, and you can rotate knot in space to see it from all sides. In addition to the great animations, each knot comes with some background info on the knots origins, alternate names, and sources for the info. Great app!

Very Useful

Easy to understand, great visuals. Glad to have UK among language choices. Its nice to not have to endure US spellings. :)

Great app!!

Great app but it wish they would show the end when the loop is pulled taught.

Great app

Use this everyday to help teach guys I work with in the scaffold industry. Beauty!


Excellent app! Until last update,now some knots animation start halfway through. Deleted and reloaded,still the same problem. Please fix!

Great App

Ideal for us maladroits, and good, I am sure, even for experienced sailors. Superb animations.

Excellent knot tying App

I am a grandfather but still love learning about how to tie knots and practicing and retrying many of the old familiar knots that I enjoyed learning about during my many years as a Scout. In my opinion Scouts or former scouts, outdoor enthusiasts, sailors, handy types, trades people, firemen, military, hobby types etc, etc, would enjoy this well displayed and explained knot tying app.

Well done. Highly recommend this app.

Well thought out and executed.

Just the best app for knots hands down

for multiple purposes, boating, camping, tying down the trailer...


This app is beautifully designed and makes the process of tying knots simple. Money well spent!

Great app

No problems w the working of the app. The animation is great along w the description of each knot. Also like the suggested/related knots.


This is a great tool to have handy on your tablet.

ease of use

finding a correct knot for a particular application is easy plus diagrams showing correct sequence of ties with ability to adjust rate of demonstration speed is a plus.


Excellent informative beautifully coloured Knots available with no pre knowledge.

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