Knots 3D Відгуки


самая полезная программка спасибо !

A must for fishing

Learn cool Knots and see it in 3D. Really good app that is updated often. Make a monkey knot already! Use YouTube as an additional resource for finger placement which is many times the best way to go expert. It’s help make me an fishing knit wizard. Additional info on each knot in the app is a nice touch.

The best way to learn a new knot!

I’ve been fascinated with knots since I was a Cub Scout, some 60+ years ago. I still have my first Boy Scout Manual and the only hand notation, in the table of contents, is the word Knots. That’s first thing I wanted to learn, how to tie a good knot. Knots 3D is the first application I bought, when I got my first iPhone, many years ago. I can’t give you a date, but as I recall, it was around 2011 and there were only about 70 knots in the application, at that time. Now, there’s 126 and I expect that number will continue to slowly increase. I have a large, hard bound copy, of the Ashley Book of Knots and it is an excellent reference, but for most of my needs, for the last several years, Knots 3D has been my go to source for learning, and teaching others, how to tie a good knot. I absolutely love the 3D renderings, in Knots 3D and I consider it to be the very best way to learn a knot. I have gifted this app to many of my friends and family members and will continue to do so. So, if you want to learn how to tie a good knot, in my opinion this is the best source you’ll ever find. TinTexas


I read the reviews and almost passed on it because I couldn’t believe there wasn’t anything wrong with it. I’m so glad I didn’t! This is the most awesome instructional app I have ever tried! I cannot say enough good things. YOU NEED THIS APP!!

Love it

I have always loved tying knots. This is the best application I have seen. Love all the history behind the knots also.

Complex knots made easy!

I use ropes quite a bit for hauling and camping with boy scouts. I love this app! I can tie knots correctly now and also create a list of favorites for reference later. Great app!

Best knot app ever

This app has so many unique knots. They are all very useful when u learn to do them by memory.

Best ever

Love this app!!! Super helpful! Love how easy it is to understand the process


Best knot tying app ever. Not only does it show how to tie knots but you can adjust the speed it shows how to tie the knot .3D pictures show good detail

No your knots

I just loaded this app. Played with it for five minutes and have to wonder, is this one of those to good to be true moments? Why did someone create this app. It’s beautiful. There’s no add super easy to navigate. Lots of 3D knots to choose from. Something has to happen. It’s just to nice to be free.


Brings back the 15 yrs I spent in Boy Scouts. Nice to see the information is not lost. Great app, great 3D and infinitely useful visual diagrams.

Good for sailing class

Just started ASA 101 and 103 classes. This makes it so easy to learn since it is 3D and animated. Glad I found and downloaded it.

Thank you Mr. Bored

I always wanted to I do.

Better than any book

Clear animation of knots being tied. Great concept. No fuss, no ads, just what I want.

Incredibly fun learning tool

As a Boy Scout teaching knots is hard and this app makes it the easiest thing in the world. It also has changed the way I secure things by showing me better knots. For instance I used to use a taut line hitch for rain fly stakes and now I use the adjustable grip hitch. And I used to use the clove hitch to start lashings and now I use the double constrictor.

Best knot app!

More than all the knots you’ll ever need

Love this app

Yep is actually perfect for learning how to do all sorts of different knots from boating to camping very useful hope to see more decorative notting the future

The Best app ever for Knot tying

This is the best and easiest way to learn your knots and what they are used for. I also like the warning disclaimers and suggestions for more secure options for the purpose. The only added feature I would like to see is a loop function on the animation so that one can visually absorb it while learning it. Please add that.

What’s Knot to like!

Downloaded this app recently to learn some knots and help my daughter work on knots for Girl Scouts. It really helps visualize difficult knots that older poorly illustrated step by steps can’t show well! Great job!

Knot Ordinary

I reference this app all the time. The updates get better and the 3D feature is helpful, worth the money!

I am a Boy Scout

I am a Boy Scout and the knots are not always clear or easy to tie but this helps a lot for teaching or reviewing the knots.

This is handy

Super handy app for when I comes to different knots!

Good app!

It’s a good app, I’ve learned a lot. Please add the triple bowline though.

Very useful!

The only knot app you need. Grateful that this app is available.


Perfect app for those who are not too great learning those challenging knots and it is great you are able to rewind fast forward slow down etc. to where you would like to achieve the ability to learn how to create and even take apart the knot. You learn what types and even after serving many years in the military I learned quite a bit and this is one of those great tools everyone should get because when your out and just for example may need to tie something down to the top of your car you will need to know a strong knot that will not just loosen and this app is the one. For sure...

An app my mother would love

I grew up tying knots with my mother while camping and on the boat. My dad was useless in the knot department. The animations are truly excellent as are the categories for finding the right knot.


Would you consider including splices -3strand, double braid in the future?

Knots 3D

This is such a useful. It is fully portable and so much more instructive than other publications.

Incredible! I can now tie knots!!

This app has helped me overcome an knotty obstacle I've had all my life. I could never remember how to tie a knot or what knot was best for any given situation. I recently built a pulley system for holding our cargo roof rack and another for holding our ladder. I made the fatal mistake of using cheap carabiners (you know the keychain kind not rated for climbing). I came back a few hours later to the sound of a car alarm and to find both items "resting" on my sports car! I did a Google search for the expensive climbing carabiners and found a discussion on old school climbing knots. A post mentioned this app and after reading the other reviews and downloading the app I'm happy to report that not only have I learned how to tie knots, but my car is now safe from falling hazards and hardware failure! The app makes it easy to get an overview of all the knots as well as playing a video where you can adjust playback speed or pause and go frame by frame to do the same knot! It really is so much better than watching a YouTube video or picture diagrams. Get this app you'll be thrilled! Developer even solicits feedback and new knot inclusions. THANK YOU DAVE for a great app! Yosemite Bowline is my favorite and finding it is easy since you can mark any knots you want as a personal favorite.

Doesn’t teach effective knot tying methods

The graphics look great but, knowing how to tie some of these knots, this app barely tells you the most effective method for tying knots. It only traces a knot. The person then only knows how to TRACE the knot rather than know how to efficiently TIE a knot. For example to tie a figure eight, it’s just an overhand knot with two twists instead of one. The bowline can also be done in less than 3 seconds but you wouldn’t know how to do that with this app

Quite Useful

This app is amazing for those who don't really know how to tie an appropriate knot. Each knot is useful in one way or another and i could see the app being very useful in any given scenario. Also, I personally believe that practicing this is kind of fun.


Detailed, quick, easy

Worth It

This app is severely undervalued - don’t tell them I said this, but I would’ve paid at least $5.00 for this. They couldn’t have done a better job building the app - it’s perfect. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of knots out there that aren’t included in this app (this app has about 126 knots at the time of this writing) but in their defense, it’d take years to build an app that included every knot in existence. All you military cats out there probably know how to tie a healthy portion of the knots they have in here, but if nothing else, this is a good refresher. If you’re a beginner with tying knots, this app will be the greatest teaching tool you’ll ever need. I’ve always been ridiculously lousy at tying I’ve had a couple people show me over and over how to tie certain knots, and I just couldn’t wrap my head around some of the techniques. With the 3D 360° views on each knot diagram, this will make you an expert in a matter of hours.

Great app!

Just got the app and like the view and speed options that make it easier to learn each knot. Great app for outdoor activities home and away. Many knots useful in work place also.


Excellent for newbies with knots.

Great teaching aide.

Great teaching aide.


برنامج رائع

Animated Knots

Excellent app both for practical knots to solve an immediate need and for the fun of exploration. Cross referenced, history, uses & limitations. Excellent 3D rotations & animations. Clifford Ashley would approve!

Easy to follow

Nice simple instructions, easy to follow and is great for using as a quick reference.

Best knot tying app

One of the most useful apps on my iPhone. Get it.

6 Stars! Truly Magnificent, Delightful Work of Art!

The world would be a much better place if other software developers took as much care and thoroughness as this developer, David Boren.

Makes new knots easy to understand

You will knot be able to find a better app!

Scouts time!!!

Easy to understand and has many knots I’ve never seen nor imagined! I just need to test more and more. Great with my cub scout son. Thanks for a great app.

جزاكم الله خير على هذا البرنامج المذهل

حقاً لا أعلم كيف أشكركم على قيامكم بهذا الجهد الرائع وتفاجأت حقاً عندما وجدت اللغة العربية شكراً جزيلاً لكم ❤️ You have done a very excellent app 👌🏻✨

Great app that’s updated regularly

Really useful app

Excellent app

Hello. Good time. Please add the Farsi language to the application. Thank you

Knots 3D is "knot" beatable! Even more knots!

Knots 3D is magnificent. The graphics are beautiful and clear. Many knots are represented, with comments on use and quality. You WILL enjoy Knots 3D if you care about knots at all. Get it!

Knot Accelerator

With this app, one can practice knot-tying virtually anywhere. This allows me to refresh on a particular knot when an application comes to mind. The regular updates are great. The finger control of rewinding/forwarding the knot’s evolution is a frequently-used feature. Highly recommended!

Great Resource

We are sailors and having this at the ready is huge. Internet is not always possible so for this to work offline is great. Really good instructions on making knots and hitches.

Close the show

At least for the fishing knots, the animations are incomplete, ending without showing the knot cinched down, a crucial omission.

Best app ever

Ust well worthit

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